How to Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest | Survive a Remote Island Full of Mutant Cannibals and Beasts

When your plane collapses and plummeted on a remote island full of mas ite masters with mutant beasts, you would think that the creatures that inhabit the sea like sharks would be the slightest of your concerns.
Unfortunately, that is not the case in Sons of the Forest, since you will have to deal with much of the island’s flora and fauna, including the great white devouring white sharks of men.
So, if you are fighting to put these large fish six feet underground, here is like killing sharks in Sons of the Forest.

Come on!

How to defeat sharks in Sons of the Forest

To defeat a shark in Sons of the Forest, you will need one of these two weapons: a gold gun an artisanal spear.
Both weapons can be used at a distance, which is important when it comes to killing a shark.
If you get too close to the old shark, you will be fish food.
Interestingly, one of the first places where you will find a shark in the game is when you reach one of the purple markers in your GPS.
Specifically, it is that you must swim and climb aboard an abandoned lifeboat.
While swimming to board the raft, the shark should not be a big problem.
However, as long as I return to the island, the shark will be waiting for you to hold an ambush.
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Fortunately, on board the raft there is a gun, which is the ideal weapon to kill a shark in Sons of the Forest.
Of course, aim at the head of the shark will cause the greatest damage, but some bullets may need to dispatch the marine predator.
However, if you are looking to save some gun ammunition, you can consider launching a handmade spear in your place.
Once again, a couple of spears are needed to kill the beast, but at least you will have saved a precious gun ammunition, right?
Finally, another area in which you will probably find a shark is close to the place where you find the referrer.


You have been warned!
So what do you know?: That is all you need to know how to kill sharks in Sons of the Forest.
To get more information, here it is explained how to get a cross in the game.
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