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Solve Xbox Login Problems in Destiny 2 Lightfall – Tips and Solutions

Destiny 2’s DLC Nightfall is finally over us and, as expected, some problems are emerging on the road.

This time, Xbox players are experiencing problems when trying to log in to the game.
So today, let’s talk how to solve Xbox login problems in Destiny 2 Nightfall.

Solution of the Destiny 2 Nightfall Xbox login problem

At the time of writing this publication, Destiny 2 is still in maintenance, however, you can still log in to the game and enjoy the new title screen.
That said, if you can’t do it, there are a couple of ways to solve it.
To begin with, try to restart your Xbox, since most of the time a rapid restart will solve most problems with any game.
If that does not work, then there is one more method that can prove that it is a bit more complex.
How to solve Xbox login problems:
Destiny 2.
If you have Destiny 2, run, call it and then highlight it to select the options for him.


  • Select the options for it.
    Specifically, you must select the Manage game and accessories option.
    From there, you will see all the deliveries that you have created for the game, including the LCS and the above expansions.
  • Select old accessories to uninstall.
    Once you see this screen, select the following accessories to uninstall them: Destiny 2: Forsken-Black Armory, Destiny 2: FORSAKEN-JOKERS WILD, Destiny 2: FORSAKEN-PENUMBRA, Destiny 2: FORSAKEN ANNUAL PASS, EXPANSION 1: CURSE OF OSIRIS, Expansion 2: Warming.
  • Uninstall the accessories and save the changes.
    Once all of the above is eliminated, save the changes, wait for everything to uninstall and start Destiny 2. You should no longer have any problem.
    That is all you need to know how to solve Xbox login problems in Destiny 2 Nightfall.
    Be sure to consult our last destiny 2 guides, such as the light installation size of Nightfall and more below.
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