Defeat Virizion in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 5-Star Raid Event with Iron Leaves Tips and Strategies

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were contributed to the Paradox Verizon video game as part of a restricted 5-star raid occasion.
Right here are the very best meters of iron leaves that will make the future version of the fabulous Nova Legendary light.

The ideal counters for Verizon Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Verizon mystery is feasible in Pokemon Violet during a special raid event, which occurs from February 27 to March 12, 2023. Players will certainly have the ability to battle black and also white Pokémon as 5-star raid employer term after installing the cost-free patch Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet
Update 1.2.0.


Iron leaves are herbal/mental kind.
Mixes, so macabre, dark type of the fiery type of Pokémon are the most effective counters for the epic NOVA.
Given that this is a 5-star raid, players should be reasonably very easy to win Mystery Verizon.
Below are the finest iron leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and also Violet.
Golden go
Undesirable plot
Shadow round
Bring back
Metal sound
Unpleasant story
Dark pulse
Light weapon
Dragon pulse
Torch tune
Sunny day
Roaming fire
Poisonous substance
Evening lower
Hit the claws
Blossom method
a huge leakage
The major strategy with Golden use this Unpleasant Story to greatly enhance its special attack, and afterwards run it in Shadow Ball.
A super-efficient attack will swiftly melt the HP Iron Leaves.
Similarly, Hydration can likewise make use of Dark Pulse with the very same setting.
For those who use Meowscarada, Hone Claws will boost their assault stat, producing Night Slash a powerful super-efficient attack against the fabulous.
The development of Fresco Skelediru-a solid comparison to iron leaves.
Due to the reality that he is intense and all at once supernatural.
If you have a throat spray, the lantern tune becomes damaging, given that it constantly increases your attribute of a special attack each time you use it.
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