Play Half-Life with Raytracing: Download the Free Mod Now!

In regard to graphic, the term ray tracing has actually been tossed into the space-time and again for a number of years.
This technology can not just be put on modern-day titles, but also to popular classics.
Last summer, as an example, we reported on a task that significantly enhances N64 games.
However, PC games from the late 90s are obviously a problem hereof.


A mod has recently appeared, which allows you to play the first half-life with ray mapping.

Half-Life in a brand-new role

A user called Ultimate is liable for the mod.
The fodder not just released his task on GitHub, but also released a trailer on YouTube promptly for the release.
This impressively reveals what a large leap with the modern technology can be accomplished.
The structures or designs of the title have actually not been transformed.
Only the lighting and resolution were adjusted in the trailer.
For instance, the train trip at the start of the video game, the activator disaster or the slim shafts in the Black Mesa head office trigger an entirely brand-new effect.
According to Kodak, the setup of the mod should not be too challenging.
Download 2 ZIP data, unpacked, pack it in the ideal folder, done.
Hence, followers of the original should be fairly quick to delight in the title from 1998 with fancier illumination.

Extra news concerning Half-Life

The front brand name of Half-Life (now purchase EUR 39.95) landed once more in the headlines at the start of the year.

There was a huge leakage, which had screenshots from Half-Life 2: Episode 3, amongst other points.
Artworks for the never published upgrade likewise made it onto the net a long time back.
Resources: Kodak, YouTube (multi_t).
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