Page Title: Unwind and Explore the Enchanting World of Fabledom on Steam

In addition to all the big releases, smaller, but all the more relaxed games on Steam.


One of them is Fabled om: a fairy tale building game that is reminiscent of Banishing and Foundation.
You love Banished, the settlers or foundation?
Then you should take a closer look at Fabled om, a relaxed strategy game with a fairy tale environment.

fabled om: build, marry and lean back

In Fabled om you can expect a literal fairytale country full of giants, witches and… well… flying pigs.
In the spirit of a building game, you design your settlement, let them grow and at the same time have to make diplomatic decisions in the trade.
Your citizens (or fabulous) are rather simple people who are particularly important to whom is the following: a home, food and love.

Fabled om focuses on romances and freedom, among other things you have to choose a prince or a princess for you, with which you will rule.
You will also vote for a hero and a city guard to defend your trusted home and open up new areas.
Fabled om will certainly not be very difficult: Rather, it is important to be captured by the pretty fairy tale world and relax while playing.
A (some cheeky) narrator accompanies you, who makes the whole thing a little more homely.
Look into the trailer for Fabled om:
Fabled om: Gameplay Trailer
Incidentally, Fabled om’s publisher is not a blank sheet: Dear Villagers previously presented The Forgotten City, which at least won a few prizes.
By February 13th at 7 p.m. you can still try the demo for Fabled om on Steam for free.
Although there is still no final release date, Fabled om should appear in Q1 2023, i.e. by the end of March at the latest.