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Metroid Prime Remaster Launches on Nintendo Switch – Rumors of the Remaining Prime Arise

Last week it was an event for Nintendo fans, that is due to the surprises that occurred in the event, and as much as the most liked the revelation and launch of Metro id Prime Remaster.
And while not seven days have passed since it was launched, it seems that the rumors of more deliveries have already started circulating in networks.
This rumor comes neither more nor less than Jeff Grubs, who says that both Metro id Prime 2 and 3 are already working on their respective ports, so they will eventually arrive at Switch.
It is not the first time that Grubs talks about the subject, since in previous months he was insistently commenting that there would be remasters of the Prime saga.
Something that really attracts attention is that these deliveries would not be as worked as the video game that arrived a few days ago, but it is just climbing them to HD, with wide screen format.
That means that there will be no change of the graphics only one touch-up to bring them back, something similar to what was had in the Wii trilogy.

In news related to Metro id Prime Remastered.
Recently one of the official developers of the original game has commented on some details about the game, criticizing some detail that he did not like too much.


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Via: Nintendo
Editor’s note: I think it’s very soon to be talking about more Metro id games in such a short time, they will surely arrive, I imagine that Nintendo’s plan is to launch them all.
But it will be a matter of patience.