Tips on How Long to Beat and How Many Chapters in Hi-Fi Rush | Rhythm-Based Games

Even after the Shadow launch, Hi-fi Rush offered a huge impression in the video gaming community.
The appeal of rhythm-based games has risen recently;
Hi-fi Rush brings it to an entire new level.
There is also a lot of material and depth in the video game.
In addition, the story of a young boy who imagines becoming a rock star interweaves whatever pretty well.
Let us talk about the total number of chapters in the game and how long it takes to complete them all.

List of all chapters in Hi-fi Rush

Here is a list of all chapters in Hi-fi Rush:
Track 1: A brand-new beginning (50-60 minutes).
Track 2: Switch on (50-60 minutes).

  • Track 3: Trial by (Volcanic Fire) (50-60 minutes).


  • Track 4: Less spending plan, more problems (40-50 minutes).
  • Track 5: outbreak (50-60 minutes).
  • Track 6: Raise me up (20-25 minutes).
  • Track 7: The Climb (45-60 minutes).
  • Track 8: A history hour (45-50 minutes).
  • Track 9: Take The Phase (20-25 minutes).
  • Track 10: A master plan (50-55 minutes).
  • Track 11: The Needle Drop (30-35 minutes).
  • Track 12: Curate the Future (35 minutes).

For how long does it require completing every chapter in Hi-fi Rush.

If you just speak about the main story, the game takes about 11 to 15 hours depending on the speed.
It can take 13-23 hours to be finished if you perform side objectives.
If you are a total, it can take 43 to 46 hours to collect and finish the whole video game whatever.