movie starring Ezra Miller, which will be released in 2022.Witness the First Official Trailer for The Flash Movie! – Super Bowl LVII

After multiple delays, several controversies related to its star, and an advertising campaign in the last week, today the first official The Flash trailer has finally released, the expected DC and Warner Bros. movie that will put it
end to the universe that began with Man of Steel.
This first advance was released prior to the Super Bowl LVII today, along with many other trailers, and shows us Flash in an adventure that will lead us to explore different universes, thus adapting the iconic Flash point story of the comics.
We remind you that The Flash will arrive at theaters on June 16, 2023. This will be one of the last DCE films, before Warner Bros. and James Gun give foot to the new DCU.
In this way, we can expect a series of cameos and conclusions for this universe.
On related issues, you can see the official poster of the film here.


Similarly, this is all we know about The Flash.
Editor’s note:
According to people who have had the opportunity to watch the movie, or at least part of it, it seems that we are facing a quality tape that all fans can appreciate.

After all the stumbling blocks, hopefully this is a worthy conclusion for these characters and stories.