How to Own Rabbits in Bitlife: A Guide to the Catch Em All Challenge

One of the goals of the continuing Catch EM All Challenge competition is to start five rabbits in the game.
To do this, you can buy rabbits in a pet store or accept them from animal shelters.

how to buy rabbits in a pet store

To buy rabbits in a pet store, you must first get access to them.
You can access almost every separate menu or action parameter after reaching 18 years of age.
As soon as you can access the Pets menu on the Action tab, open it and click the Pets Store button.
Now look at the list of animals and choose a rabbit.
The rabbit should cost somewhere between $10 and $50.
Pay money from your bank account or occupy money from your parents or brothers and sisters if you are not working.


After the purchase, you can give your rabbit a name and add it to your list of pets.

how to adopt rabbits from a pet store

If you do not like to buy animals, there is always the opportunity to take animals from an animal shelter.
You can find a shelter for animals menu in the Pets section on the Action tab.
Click on it and select a rabbit for adoption.
Sometimes you will not go through an interview associated with adoption.
In such cases, grow up and visit animals shelter again next year.
Over time, you will pass adoption if you continue attempts.
After you go through an interview, you will receive a rabbit as a pet for a few dollars.
Repeat this process of buying or adopting rabbits from the Pets section to fulfill the fourth goal of the test Catch them all.
To find out more about Bit life, get acquainted with sections of how to take pets to the veterinarian at Bit life or how to get a dog as a pet in the Billion Pro game manual.