Its now been confirmed that the original main engineer, who worked on the original Metroid Prime game, has left the project due to his exclusion from the credits of the remaster.Metroid Prime Main Engineer Leaves Project Aft

Image: Nintendo surprised almost everyone earlier this week when he dropped the shadow of Metro id Prime Remastered after years of ongoing rumors.
While most people are satisfied, it seems that not everyone is happy.
The exingeniero of Retro Studios, Void Kirsch, who recently mentioned that he was not very impressed with the quality of the doors in remastering, has now expressed his frustration for the credits of the game, noting that he does not include the original credits.


Instead, it is a single screen, simply noticing how Remaster is based on the work of Metro id Prime development:
Void Kirsch (@zoidctf): «While many studies did incredible work in remastering, I am disappointed.
Metro id Prime remastering does not include the complete original loans of the game.
I worked with so many incredible people in the game and everyone’s name should be included in remastering, not just a card like this.
Yes, I am not a fan of this practice.
In the remastering in which I have worked we have accredited the original game.
In some cases we put them before the remastering team.
It is not great: MVP (@modernvintageg) February 11, 2023,
Kirsch originally worked at Metro id Prime and Metro id Prime 2: Echoes for Game cube as a senior game engineer.

This situation is not exactly isolated, since other original development teams are also excluded from the credits of the play of remastering and remakes today.
Last year a similar story arose about Pac-Man World Repay and Banzai NAMC patched the original staff credits.
What are your thoughts about this?
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