How to Get an Ice Beam in Metroid Prime Remastered

Metro id Prime Remastered does not need much time before players see white doors.
They can only be opened with the help of an ice beam, which is actually one of the later improvements available to Camus.
It also includes a return to an earlier area with a couple of new improvements in a typical manner for a Metromile.

when do you unlock an ice beam in Metro id Prime Remastered?

In Metro id Prime Remastered, players can start searching for an ice beam after they win Tarsus, Boss Brendan Grunts.
This will give them access to the ability of a spider ball, which allows the Camus to drive on magnetic rails in the form of morpho-shara.
As soon as this happens, the players will ultimately receive a notification that the temperature has decreased in one of the areas of the Chose ruin.

This is the lobby, and it is quite far on the map.

Where can players get an ice beam in Metro id Prime Remastered?

In order to physically get to the lobby in Metro id Prime Remastered, first you need to go to the energy core in the Ruins of Chose.
There is a distant door to which the players at first could not access, but now it can be unlocked with the morfoshara bomb.
A couple of platforms that reach the doors can be activated by turning on three electric units around the region.
To turn on the first block, from the beginning of the room go left to the tunnel of morpho-shara.
However, instead of going inside, there should be a stone toad nearby.
Enter the morpho-shara mode, let him swallow the Camus and blow up the toad to gain access to the first electric unit.
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After activation, the water in the main room will drain, which will allow the Camus to activate two other blocks.
Having passed through the door, the Camus will pass along the corridor, which ends in a rather unusual room.
There is a statue of Chose, but in fact it is a refuge for the ghosts of Chose, a new enemy.
Photo ghosts can annoy in battle, because they are immune to three radiation elements.
To defeat these guys, Camus will have to use your usual charging beam.
The best way to start this fight is to charge the beam while the ghosts are invisible, and then shoot as soon as they appear in sight.


One ghost of Chose is destroyed, morpho-Shar in the statue of Chose.
He actually throws the Camus to the other end of the room, where it can move to a new area using a spider ball.
There is a door here, which finally leads to the reflecting pool and lobby.
Once inside the reflective pond, the Camus needs to get rid of stone toads around.
This is easy to do using Boost Ball in water.
Go to the middle of the pool, and there will be a plate that Camus can break using a bomb-morfo-shara.
After that, the water drains, which will allow it to get to the second level of the room with an accelerating ball, which will give her access to the lobby and the ice ray inside.
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