How Long Does the Legacy of Hogwarts Last and How Many Missions Are There?

For fans of the Harry Potter franchise, it has been a long wait until an adaptation of a rival video game with that of the iconic films’ series.
Finally, however, the new open world role of Avalanche Studios offers the experience of magic and witchcraft with which many have been dreaming.
Objective How long does the Hogwarts legacy last?
Here is everything you need to know.

How long does Hogwarts be defeated?

The Hogwarts Legacy main missions series takes about 20 hours to complete, but most players will spend much longer wandering through Hogwarts and the surrounding Scottish countryside.
There are dozens and dozens of secondary missions and collectible articles to occupy much more of your time.
Not to mention that there is the additional attraction of building your character with all the spells of the game.
For that reason, it is fair to say that most players will spend between 25 and 40 hours playing Hogwarts Legacy if they want to explore everything the game has to offer.


All missions at Hogwarts Legacy and how many are there are 43 main missions at Hogwarts Legacy.

These are the following:
The way to Hogwarts
Welcome to Hogwarts
Defense class against dark arts
In the shadow of the crypt
Class Amulets
Weasley after class
Welcome to Hogshead
The secret of the Reliquary
Secrets of the restricted section
Volumes and tribulations
Flight class
Class Potions
Scope’s last hope
The Paradox girl
Merlin tests
Graciela rest
The map camera
The Percival Rack ham trial
Artist’s helmet
Beast class
The lunar lament of the caregiver
Look loyalty
In the shadow of the farm
It’s all Jerigonza
Back on the way
Charles Rook wood’s trial
Fire and vice
The Elf, the Nab-Sack and the loom
In the shadow of the mountain
The director speaks
The multitudes plot
Nigam Fitzgerald’s trial
Domain of the wand
In the shadow of revelation
In the shadow of the mine
El Alto Torreón
San Baker trial
The final repository
Weasley’s vigilant eye
The House Cup
In addition to these main missions, there are more than 35 secondary missions, as well as 12 tasks to complete.

That is all to know how long it takes to beat Hogwarts Legacy and how many missions are in the game.
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