Win Future Stars in FIFA 23 – Find Out if You Have the Strongest Strikers!

FIFA 23 accidentally distributed a future stars card if you have the regular version of the gamer at Ultimate Group.
This is the player: In the FIFA Subreddit, players share that they unexpectedly discover a future star variant of the genuine Madrid opponent Iker Bravo in their club at Ultimate Team.
Bravo really has a 64-bronze card in FIFA 23 with rather Weak values.
However, the brand-new Future Stars card, which ought to really just be available in Group 2, has a strength of 86. This includes a good pace worth, good shot and dribble worth.
Who gets the gamer?
Some gamers just believed that everyone got this card-but that is not the case.
In fact, the bronze card of Iker Bravo was obviously simply transformed into the future star variation.
If you already have it in the club, even.
There was a comparable case in FIFA 22-with a very strong map of Christian Erik sen.
Have an appearance at your club!
If you happened to have actually saved the bronze version of Iker Bravo at Ultimate Group in the club, you could now have a future star variation.
You can see what the new card appears like in the Reddit Post of User Curtainsmcgeee (by means of Reddit):.

EA reports to Future Stars Iker Bravo in FIFA 23.

That says EA: via Twitter, EA already spoke up via the FIFA Direct Interaction channel.


There the error was verified: The Base-64-OVR variation of Iker Bravo was mistakenly updated to the future stars version, stated the declaration: The variation worried remains the same (through Twitter).
So the change should not be withdrawn.
EA also adds that there might have been a mistake if you had Iker Bravo in your group, on the bench or in the reserve.
Then you couldn’t start a game in Fut-but that too was well solved.
Accordingly, the player’s version ought to now be utilized again in matches.
This must look forward to some players about an unforeseen newcomer in their club.

The friendly video game mode in Ultimate Group triggers resentment for some players.
Because there were a relaxed matches in difficult duels due to a challenge.