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At the Nintendo Direct of February 8, 2023, a very nice Collector’s Edition of the most recent Zelda title for the Nintendo Change was provided.
As early as September 2022, Nintendo released a particular title for the latest video game of the franchise: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
The Open World Experience will lastly be playable on May 12, 2023!
Fans of the whole series and above all the direct predecessor Breath of the Wild, the cool collector’s edition for the new game must absolutely bring yourself into your own 4 walls.
Here you can learn whatever about the material of the edition and how you can get it!
What is the rate for the Collector’s Edition?
Nintendo has not yet discussed a price or a rap framework for the CE.
When can you pre-order the Collector’s Edition?
When the pre-order begins and which shops the collector’s edition will be available, there is no info yet.
A great beginning point is usually Amazon.
So take a look at the link below so that the Collector’s Edition can be bought in time if in doubt.
As soon as we experience something, we will upgrade the short article appropriately.
Buy Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition

that awaits you in the Collector’s Edition

The release of the Collector’s Edition by Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is anticipated to be May 12, 2023, i.e. parallel to the publication of the video game.
In the Collector’s Edition of the most recent game in the Zelda series, the following amazing material await you:
The brand-new video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
A lovingly embellished steel book case
PIN set including 4 various pins
Icon art steel poster
The Art book for the video game
In addition to the Collector’s Edition-Box
Nintendo provided all material of the Collector’s Edition in the following video.
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New Link-Amiibo for Tears of the Kingdom

A brand-new Amino figure is also released with the current experience for the Nintendo Switch.
This appears like the video game on May 12, 2023. A reward is not yet known, but need to move like the others in the variety of EUR 15 to EUR 20.
If you are interested in where you can currently pre-order the basic edition of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then please appearance at our overview:
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