– Page Title: Retro Studios Worked on Metroid Prime Remastered & Metroid Prime 4 Simultaneously – Surprise Announcement


The surprise announcement of Metro id Prime Remastered was not only a surprise, considering that this title arrived at the same day of its revelation, but Retro Studios is also working in Metro id Prime 4. If you wonder how the team was able to develop these
Two projects at the same time, well, did not do it alone, since multiple studies helped.
Thanks to the new credits of remastering, it has been announced that Iron Galaxy, the same developers behind Ports for Switch as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Diablo III and Overwatch, attended Retro Studios to make this title out
a reality.
Iron Galaxy were not the only ones, since in the credits the assistance of Airship Images Limited, Atom hawk Design, CABOT, Game sim Inc, Liquid Development, original Force Ltd, Shanghai Fielder Digital Technology, and Combat Studio, and Zombie Studio.

Now, for the moment it is unknown how important the participation of these studies was during the development of remastering.
Recall that Retro Studios has been hiring new staff since it was announced that they took control of Metro id Prime 4 in 2019. Although many thought this was to help in the development of the new game in the series, it seems that it was also to offer support in
Metro id Prime Remastered.
We remind you that Metro id Prime Remastered is already digitally available in Nintendo Switch, and will have a physical launch on February 22, 2023. In related issues, this would be the engine in which remastering was developed.
Similarly, Czech here the comparison of the game with the original launch.
Editor’s note:
This should not be a big surprise.
Most developments, regardless of whether they are remastering or new games, have the help of one or more external studies.
The workload varies constantly, and we will never know exactly what team did what.