New World Patches Mutated Expeditions Leaderboard and Sets Server Restart Downtimes for All Regions

There was a spot released this afternoon, however after that went live, because no downtime was required to use the fix, things appear to require a bit more help. The update after the patch says that UPDATE: The Anomalies Leaderboards may still appear broken up until local restarts are carried out.

The first restart in Australia is taking place at the time this is published. That will be followed by Central Europe, South America, US-East, and lastly, US-West, with that last restart beginning around 5 AM PST.

The Amazon Games group launched the Leaderboards feature today after remaining in development for a while, with almost whatever working, other than for the Mutated Expeditions boards. At first, the team said to simply not open those boards, but eventually wound up briefly disabling that area completely till there might be a repair.


Our objective is to continue these restarts weekly if there are no other prescheduled downtimes until there is a long-term fix, it states in the statement of restart times.

Tomorrow, there’s some organized downtime for a server restart throughout all areas, and they’re enthusiastic that this will also assist with the continued Mutated Expedition leaderboards concern.

New World is doing some housekeeping, with a patch to fix a significant concern with the Mutated Expeditions leaderboards and a different downtime tomorrow for this and another concern.

The resource event issue may be something that needs more than just a reboot to repair, and they promise to deal with a permanent repair. These restarts are something they’ll keep doing up until that long-term repair is figured out.

On that 2nd issue, it involves resource nodes, with gamers reporting difficulty gathering resources. This appears to be a wide problem, since the server restarts will be occurring throughout all regions. The statement states to expect the servers to experience about 45 minutes of downtime once the reboot time arrives in your region.