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A Comprehensive Guide to Breeding and Collecting Monsters in My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters are a popular game developed by Big Blue Bubble in which players create digital islands populated with adorable monsters that sing and dance together.
As players progress in the game, they can raise new monsters like Pendleton and discover new species.
Raising monsters is one of the most enjoyed characteristics of the game, since it allows players to collect new monsters and add them to their growing family.
This My Monster Breeding Guide will offer complete advice on how to raise and collect monsters.
It will include information about available reproduction combinations and attributes that affect success.

All my combinations of breeding of singing monsters

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My Singing Monsters has a variety of reproduction combinations, each of which produces a different monster.
To raise monsters, players must select two monsters of the same element (earth, fire, water or air).
The rarity and attributes of the monsters also affect the success of the combination of races.
When raising monsters in My Singing Monsters, it is important to remember that the skills and attributes of the resulting monster will depend on the combination of parents.
For example, a combination of two water element monsters can produce a monster with water and earth element skills, while a combination of two fire element monsters can produce a monster with fire and earth element skills.
Therefore, it is important to consider the elements, skills and attributes of each father before trying to raise monsters.
There are several types of breeding combinations in My Singing Monsters:

Double element monsters

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Double element monsters are easy to raise since only two single element monsters require.
Natural doubles are always a successful combo and produce a double element monster.

Triple element monsters

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This type of combination is more complicated since it implies a double element monster and a single element to work.
Reproduction is not 100% guaranteed and the offspring can end up being a duplicate of one of the parents.

Monsters of four elements

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Four elements monsters are even more challenging since they include four elements.
Each combo has its own time of reproduction and rarity, so it is important to plan in advance when trying to reproduce one.
Combining three elements monsters with only more chances of success than two doubles.

Rare monsters

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Rare monsters are limited and are the special counterparts of existing monsters.

Usually, they have the same combination with the monsters of common elements, except for the only rare.


Epic monsters

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Epic monsters, such as Epic Maw, are even rarely and are available only for a limited period.
They have a more unique combination than their common counterparts and cannot be selected to reproduce.

Seasonal monsters

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Seasonal monsters, such as Schmooze, are the ones you get from limited events.
They also have unique combinations that make them some rare monsters you can get in the game.


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The ethereal monsters are great since you can always raise them.
You can find them in Natural Island and can be raised with four and three elements monsters.
However, certain monsters are not available through the standard play process, such as Noggin, Toe Hammer and other Ethereal of a single element.
To obtain them, players can buy them in commerce or using chips.
The chips can be collected by completing certain tasks in the game, such as completing daily challenges.
The monsters available in the store are usually rarer than those available through the reproduction process.

All attributes that affect reproduction in My Singing Monsters

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Certain attributes affect the success of the reproduction process.
The most important attribute is the rarity of the monsters that are raised.
Rare monsters will be more likely to produce rare offspring.
Other attributes that influence the success of the reproduction process include the monsters level of happiness and the specific combination of used monsters.

The level of happiness of the monsters is determined by feeding them with different types of food.
Rare food is more likely to make monsters happier, which increases the possibilities of a successful reproduction process.
My Singing Monsters are an exciting game that offers players the opportunity to raise new monsters.
This guide provides complete advice on how to raise monsters, achieve specific monsters and attributes that affect the reproduction process.
With this guide in mind, players should not have problems discovering new monsters and expand their family of monsters.