Metroid Prime Remastered: A Surprise Arrival on the Nintendo Eshop in Loucede, But No Metroid Prime 4 in Sight

Still no Metro id Prime 4 on the horizon (do not dream), however rather a remaster of the first opus balanced on the Nintendo Shop in Concede, like that, in full live.
What please our stomachs which yelled famine because the exceptional Fear episode.
Metro id Prime Remastered passes a stroke of polish on his great original copy by renovating visuals and audio, with a tip of contemporary convenience.
New optional, more ergonomic controls make the most of the double joysticks of the Switch, abandoning (if you wish) the harshness of 2003. Always with the aim of making our lives simpler, an unprecedented casual trouble can make us more resistant
If you choose to focus on expedition rather than combat, on enemy damage.
For enthusiasts, a virtual gallery consisting of music, 3D designs and principle arts will celebrate the artistic direction of this Madeleine de Proust.

Awarded Hunter

As a pointer, Metro id Prime moves Camus Ran to the planet Gallon IV, where the pernicious pirates of space mine a new unstable substance, the fan.
This is the starting point for a breathtaking adventure, lived canon in the fist, through the ruins of a fallen civilization, where mutant animals and cosmic mercenaries have a frustrating tendency to fall on the uncommon.
A great starting point for the prime squidgy.
You can take an appearance at the trailer listed below if you desire to soak up the atmosphere or plunge back into the sets of your youth.
And if you have EUR 39.99 in your pocket, Metro id Prime Remastered is already offered for digital purchase, prior to showing up on March 3 in physical version.

Metro id Prime Remastered-Launch trailer