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The Ultimate Decision: Choosing Between Disney and Star Trek for Your Dream Job

There is this meme, which shows a stock picture on which a guy turns after a woman-running woman.
Although he is obviously traveling with his partner, who is more than outraged.
The Distracted Partner motif has been used on the Web considering that 2017 to accompany any type of desired adultery, jealousy and desire for something else.
When it comes to Star Trek 4, you need to believe of this meme when you listen to the explanation of director Matt Shaman why he left the project for Marvel.

When does Star Trek 4 pertained to the cinemas?

Although the Star Trek brand name was just recently experienced by a new film with Star Trek 4 a new film is still in the stars thanks to successful series such as Picard, Strange New Worlds or Discovery on Paramount Plus.
The prepared follower to Star Trek Beyond with Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Simon Egg and Zachary Quito is also to be produced by J. J. Abrams.
Matt Shaman was signed for the director’s post.
In current years, the American filmmaker has primarily drawn attention to himself as a director of television series.
He worked, among other things, with Dr.
House (2007-2012), Video Game of Thrones (2017) or The Young Boys (2019).
The filmmaker now threw the towel since he obviously could not resist Marvel’s call.

Star Trek 4 loses director to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the start of phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will begin in a few days.
Industry experts securely assume that the 31.
MCU movie will reveal the big box office hit.

Even directing to a large smash hit from Marvel, Matt Shaman obviously might not withstand this temptation despite his dedication to Star Trek 4.
And so he decided to join the planned reboot of the Fantastischen Year.
His statement to change, far from Star Trek and to Disney, checks out really diplomatically: Interacting with J. J. Abrams on Star Trek lasted a little more than a year and was fantastic. I enjoy this franchise, and I like this cast,
which J.J. drummed up together, and it would have been an amazing pleasure to recognize the 4th movie with them.
Matt Shaman likewise makes it clear: Film tasks establish differently and sometimes schedules change. When the opportunity was offered with Great Four, I could not resist to return house to Marvel.
The director therefore points to an earlier commitment in the MCU.
For Disney Plus, Matt Shaman 2021 staged all nine episodes of the renowned Marvel series Wanda Vision.


Wonderful Four will become part of the sixth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The theatrical release is for the 14.
February 2025 planned.
Source: The Wrap
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