Tom Bradys NFL End: How A Bottle Of Sand Sold For $100,000 At Auction

A piece of sandy beach, a little seaside turf and a structure complex in the background.
This situation is currently acquainted with all NFL fans.


Tom Brady just recently revealed his end of his profession at this place.
Now this place, with a bottle of the sand in the foreground, dipped again and again in an eBay auction.
A user appeared to have had a flash of motivation and traveled to the beach in Tampa Bay, where he filled a bottle with sand at the scene and offered it to auction in the auction platform.
This auction adds to the Super Bowl, which rapidly took on a totally crazy level.
It began with $15,000, however the auction became independent very rapidly.
A week before the Superbowl, the greatest bid was simply under $100,000 (just under 92,000 euros).

Source: eBay

Brady ends his NFL profession for the 2nd time

In any case, the possible purchaser seems to be sure that the legendary quarterback finally draws a line this time.
Brady had actually already announced his end of his profession a year ago and dared to resign from resignation a little more than a month later.
This time, nevertheless, therefore Brady himself stated it in his emotional goodbye video, it should be a farewell permanently.
It is for that reason worth $100,000 whether a glass of sand deserves another sheet of paper.
After his profession end, Brady himself need to not experience boredom or lack of cash.
The seven-time Superbowl champion is currently promoting its movie 80 for Brady.
For the new season, the previous quarterback will start his new task at Fox s.
There, the ex-man from Gisele Bündchen signed an agreement for 10 years last summer season, which will bring him to $375 million (just under 350 million euros).
He might pay for some glasses of sand.