The Last Of Us 3 In Development? Rumors Rise As New Information Surfaces

In these weeks The Last of Us has become a trend, and that is because their series is taking relevance, either with people who never played the title or who already know it perfectly.
For its part, new rumors have emerged that indicate the development of a third, which for now has not been confirmed by Sony.
According to what is commented on an anonymous source, the game would already be in progress of its production, confirming that it will not arrive for this generation of consoles but for the next, or perhaps a cross.
The filtration comes from the site known as, where there has been talk of a new PS5 model, data that were verified by the well-known Tom Henderson.

So if the site has privileged information, the game is likely to be launched similarly to what happened with God of War Ragnarök and Horizon Forbidden West, which are appearing at the end of the life of PS4 but also in PS5.
So the next generation functions will be for those who have the next console.
It is worth mentioning, which previously talked about a restart for the Uncharted saga, this through certain leaks that occurred for the network, but this within a few minutes denied by Naughty Dog.


So believing in the information of a next The Last of Us in production is not entirely reliable, unless Sony declares it.
Via: PlayStation lifestyle
Editor’s note: It sounds very false really, but it is unquestionable that they will make more parts of the saga, it would be to pass money that goes to sulfur.
So yes, there will be, but I suppose they will lack years to find out.