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The Long-Awaited Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring The Magic Of Harry Potters Wizarding World


Live the non-written, states the motto of Hogwarts Legacy: the legacy of Hogwarts, which is launched this Friday 10 Review on consoles and PC.
A sentence that is not minor because it recalls that this adventure at the Sorcerer’s school is a pure innovation produced for video games, whose inspiration comes from the popular books of the Harry Potter legend.
A work that has a particularly established lore in the past 25 years due to the success that accompanies this work.
Provided as the most enthusiastic video game from Wizard ling World (the world of witchcraft created by J.K. Rowling), Hogwarts Tradition: Hogwarts’ heritage welcomes you to put on its cape and get on its brooms to invest a school year in the famous
Magic School.
Here point of Harry Potter, nor Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley on the horizon, given that our hero or our heroine (which we are going to develop from scratch) lives in 1890 and signed up with Hogwarts directly in fifth year.
An unusual case for a prodigy of magic, but likewise a secret which serves as a background for this role-playing worldwide open especially cool.

A remarkable accomplishment

It is this bias, served by a remarkable accomplishment of an outstanding wealth in addition to an issue for detail considerate of the initial work, which allows you to discover yourself literally immersed worldwide of witchcraft.
The title directed by the Avalanche studio is today the finest way to live your own adventure in magic if the very first trailer had something to surprise.
We then find a school year full of mysteries to clarify within the field of a highly replicated Hogwarts school
And if the intrigue leads us to slip into the secret pieces, the basements but also disturbing parallel universes within this structure, the experience also leads us to venture in the environments.
We can therefore discover the troubling restricted forest, the bursting streets of life of pre-au-lard, but likewise the countryside and the hamlets which populate the environments of the stunning school.

Avoid school.

Hogwarts Tradition bases his story on 2 pivots: one school, the other mysterious.
As in the books of Harry Potter, Hogwarts’ heritage for that reason invites you to take courses to perfect his art of spells, however likewise to live a 2nd life where we will need to fix with his pals that are treated outside the
The small life of a model trainee quickly paves the way to the bush adventure, particularly as a dark goblin is very hazardous there by coveting a power surrounded by a thick mystery.
Like any open world game, we likewise find ourselves needing to resolve many additional quests, meant for discovering treasures, concealed spells or equipment that will feed our strength to face ever more impressive enemies.
And if our first actions are made to the strength of our legs, the arrival of a broom, even a griffin concerned make this immersion in the Wirzardling World a bit more.
If Hogwarts Tradition does not bring a genuine gameplay development to the open world video games, the Avalanche studio succeeds in a video game that will meet all the expectations of fans of this universe.
Take a cautious creative direction, add a gallery of captivating characters, sullen everything from a strange story, and you get the magic dish for a game that need to mark the minds of numerous gamers in 2023, beginning with that of
Fans of the little sorcerer with glasses who will find there, lastly, enough to achieve their own experience at Hogwarts.
It must be kept in mind that contrary to common belief, Hogwarts Legacy is not really a children’s game, however aims more teenagers and grownups thanks to writing work and a more mature universe.
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts’ inheritance, Warner Bros. Games, February 10 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, then April 4 on PS4 and Xbox One and July 25 on Switch.