The Day Before: Lang Erwartete Gameplay Falls Flat – A Disappointing Impression for the Long-Awa

Crazy: We really reported a few days ago that the developers of The Day Prior to not just had to delay the release date of their survival mm (once again) due to copyright problems, but also the gameplay replacement prepared for the end of January.
Instead of March, the dystopian battle for survival is now to take location from November 10, 2023.

unexpected gameplay replacement

Could the Fantastic developers concur faster than expected with the person who had secured the rights to The Day Prior to?
Exists the right-wing thorough fish at all?
Or do the developers just react to the numerous, repeating SCAM allegations and accept a claim?
It is clear that a few hours ago the gameplay replacement really postponed indefinitely happened on YouTube.
We see game scenes from The Day Before for ten minutes.


Fortunately: The Day Before in fact appears to be a real game, which could shock some critics.

However, there is also bad news: For an enthusiastic zombie MMO that has long been one of the most anticipated video games on Steam, and initially in 2021, then in June 2022 and finally in March 2023, the revealed sees
Disappointingly meaningless and unfinished.
See for yourself:
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no contrast with the first trailers

One would think that the designers wish to reveal the long-planned gameplay trapping what remains in the day in the past and how fun the video gaming experience will be.
If the one revealed shows the normal gameplay loop, nevertheless, a terribly boring survival video game awaits us in which we stroll 85 percent of the time through destroyed cities, 10 percent of the time at the inventory or the menu of the craft stations and the staying five percent
Call on zombies.
In short: the scenes are dull and look as if the developers have actually quickly soaked up something in the previous few days to smooth the waves.
In addition, the graphic does not reflect the quality that we were recommended in the previous trailers.
But not only that is a parallel to The Division (there were likewise reducing claims at the time), the scenes might also come from an alpha phase of the Ubisoft title, just that you simply hit zombies instead of people.
By the method, The Day Prior to has actually not returned on Steam.
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Karsten Scholz