FC-Astoria Walldorf Continues to Strengthen Roster With Boubacar Barry

The deal was lashed on time before completion of winter transfer window: Aboubacar Barry is now using the jersey of the FC-Astoria Walldorf and signed an agreement with the Banners up until the end of the season.
A transfer that does not succeed every day, because the 26-year-old has the experience of 34-second department video games for the Karlsruhe SC and 70 third division video games for Welder Bremen II, KFC Herding 05 and Turkic Munich.
After the descent from the 3rd department with the club from the Bavarian capital, Barry was recently combined for half a year.
Walldorf’s sporting director Frank Furnish, who understands Barry from the KSC, saw the possibility for his club and grabbed it courageously.
On the club’s own website, Furnish discusses for which places the well-known newbie is prepared: In basic, it can be used in the offensive location, both on the outer lanes and centrally behind the tips.


The FCA authorities likewise states about Barry: He brings terrific flexibility for our offending game and will certainly assist us. In addition to the football quality, Aboubacar is also an exceptional type.