Genshin Impact: Create The Perfect Team Composition To Conquer Sumeu Academy Scribe

al-Haytham debuted at Genshin Impact during version 3.4 and drew attention for mechanics and visual.


The five-star character is the first Pedro swordsman and will open doors for those who need an offensive kit DPS and that will trigger different elemental reactions.
Like a Pedro, the Some Academy scribe has synergy with several RPG characters, enabling various team compositions.


By the Pedro Vision, al-Haytham has synergy with different elements.
Next to drain, such as Bahia and Taobao, generates the green vine effect.
In addition, if your under duo is equipped with forest memories the enemy resistance of enemies will be decreased.
Swordsman can also be equipped with pros, hydro and electron for burn, flowering and acceleration, which can be crucial in battles, as well as more complex reactions such as super forestry and germination.

Option 1: Yale Mike, Zwingli and Bahia

Dendro-Electro reactions will have al-Haytham, Yale Mike and Bahia on the front line in DPS position, providing continuous damage even off-field and acceleration effects and green vine.
With a pair of vendors, elemental proficiency will be increased by 50 points.
By triggering the acceleration reaction with Yale Mike, it increases the elemental proficiency of all the team’s close characters by 30 points for 6 seconds.
When triggering intensification and propagation reactions increases the elemental proficiency of all the team’s close characters by 20 points for 6 seconds.
For support, Zwingli is a strong option as it will provide allied shields and buffs.
In addition, the damage to the entire team will be increased if Zwingli is equipped with the four Millet tenacity pieces.

Option 2: Bahia, Kiki and Elan

Bahia follows one of the best Pedro DPS options to be next to al-Haytham, with the help of Kiki can provide propagation and intensification damage, as well as al-Haytham next to the electron.
Elan can also perform hydro damage even off the field, ideal for flowering reactions, which provides nuclei that generate effects when contacting the Kiki Electron.
Hydro will also act as secondary DPS alongside Bahia.
While Kiki will be responsible for healing and protecting allies with his skills.

Option 3: Xingu, Maiden and Taobao

Dendr-hydro-electro formation will enable greater exploitation of elemental reactions.
al-Haytham, Xingu and Maiden assume the function of DPS.
Xingu will provide application of hydro even off the field, which will facilitate flossing reaction with al-Haytham to produce nuclei.
They can be triggered by Maiden’s electron to result in overflowing.
With Hydro and Electron, the team will still be able to produce the electrically charged effect.
Taobao will be responsible for healing and buffs, with your skill kit you can cure allies and cause damage to enemies.
When equipped with forest memories, it may decrease the enemy’s resistance and with its C1 will increase al-Haytham Pedro damage.