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Ski Alpine: 2. Super G of the men in Corina d’Mezzo today on TV and Livestream

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Ski Alpine, Super G of the men’s die competitors classification at a glance

Rank |
Call |
1 |
Marco Zermatt |
2 |
Aleksander Almost Wilde |
3 |
Vincent Kriechmayr |
4 |
Stefan Progestin |
5 |
Alexis Pinault |

The ski alpine guys are asked once again in Corina d’Mezzo today, the 2nd Super G is pending
Here you can follow the race in the live ticker

Ski Alpine: 2. Super G of the men in Corina d’Mezzo now in an overview

Rank |
Call |
1. |
Marco Zermatt |
1: 25.13
2. |
Dominik Paris |
3. |
Daniel Hemetsberger |
4. |
Andreas Sander |
Fifth |
Vincent Kriechmayr |

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT): The other day the first numbers have terrific difficulties with the course and only 2 motorists were able to bring an acceptable time
After a short break in racing, Vincent Kriechmayr is now valid
He makes it through the very first goals well, but then he can not avoid the mistake, and sometimes
He attempts to go through cleanly, however even with strong sectors he can not Avis!
0.33 seconds are missing out on at the very best time
Mattia Case (ITA): Mattia Case drove on the podium for the first time in his career the other day and should be totally encouraged today
He puts everything in, but it does not get far!
After the wave, he escapes and ends up in the fan fence
Thankfully, he remains unscathed and can raise himself once again
Adrian Smith Tested (NOR): There is the very first failure!
Adrian Smith Selected struggles in the same place as prior to Baumann
Rome Baumann (GER): It applies to the first German
Rome Baumann had to bid farewell early on Saturday and was gotten rid of
And even today it does not take long for the very first bigger mistake!
It brakes him up, and so he gets the goal
The range is over three seconds and the rest is really only a training run
With 3.27 seconds behind, he swings disappointed in the target area
Blaine Giezendanner (FRA): Blaine Giezendanner has to struggle directly and early originates from him the huge mistake that costs him the speed
Even after that, little fits together and once again, and again it dusts him up in the curves
With 1.17 seconds behind he comes by the finish line
He will not have much to report today

Ski Alpine: 2. Super G of the males in Corina d’Mezzo now in the Linebacker start

Dominik Paris (ITA): Dominik Paris opens to today’s Super G. The conditions are excellent, and the sun is shining
The Italian is not the preferred and on Saturday he was definitely not happy with his run
Since some errors had crept in their
Does he survive better today?
It does not get through even today and the veteran does not look pleased in the target area
Paris first presents 1: 25.89 minutes

Ski Alpine: 2. Super G of the males in Corina d’Mezzo now in the live ticker

Prior to the start: big Swiss contingent!
As normal, the Swiss have a big contingent
In addition to her team leader Marco Zermatt, the group can likewise depend on Gino Cavities (9), Stefan Progestin (12) and Loïc Mallard (16)
Justin Purifier (20) and Niels Hinterland (24) also captured a good starting position
Gilles Cousin (39) and Alexis Money (50) total the Swiss team on the 2nd day in Corina
Prior to the start: DSV wants to apologize!
It was not according to prepare for the German Speed chauffeurs
At the very first Super-G they were just found in midfield
Today they are most likely to firmly insist on reparation on the ´ Olympia Dell Tone
Rome Baumann is currently the turn of the start number 3
For Andreas Sander, begin number 7 is on the slopes
For Josef First (23) and Simon Ocher (28) it also starts with a number in the first 30
Dominik Schweitzer (59) will complete the DSV contingent
Prior to the start: is it enough for the podium today?
The Austrians were able to bring three of their professional athletes into the leading 10 yesterday and showed with an enormous group density, however it wasn’t enough for the podium yesterday
Today the OSV starters desire to start the next attempt
Vincent Kriechmayr (sixth) in particular is most likely to compute a lot again
But Stefan Babinski (17) and Lukas Burstein (26) also passed the first day of the competitors
Raphael Hawser (15), Daniel Hemetsberger (18) and Marco Schwarz (21) are likewise wished for something
The big contingent of the Austrians total Daniel Danklmaier (33), Christoph Green (41), Andreas Plover (42) and Omar Straining (45)
Before the start: Zermatt wins when returning!
After Marco Zermatt needed to leave both the second Kitzbühel descent and the races in Claiming due to injury, the Swiss reported back the other day with a strong efficiency in the Super G
With a time of 1: 25.57, Zermatt won from Norway in front of his permanent rival Aleksander Almost
Third was Mattia Case from the Italian team
Before the start: 2 names are at the top of the Super G this season: Marco Zermatt and Aleksander Almost Wilde
Zermatt leads the competitors ranking with 440 points in front of his Norwegian competitor (392 points), and he likewise leads a lead in the total World Cup
Who can dominate today?
Prior to the start: begin at 10.15 a.m., exactly in between the two slalom runs of the ladies at the Spindlermühle
Before the start: Hi and welcome to the men’s super G in Corina d’Mezzo!

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Ski Alpine: 2. Super G of the guys in Corina d’Mezzo now in the live ticker

Daniel Hemetsberger (AUT): Good trip from Daniel Hemetsberger!
The Austrian puts pressure on the professional athletes on the podium after captured the bottom line and survives effectively in the more part of the route
With 66 hundreds, the final area goes
Is it enough for the pedestal?
The OSV starter vocalists from the podium and is the brand-new 3rd
Stefan Babinski (AUT): The Other Day, at the challenging Super G in Corina, the great 4th location for Stefan Babinski leapt out and with another excellent result he can certainly select up the ticket for the World Cup today
Babinski starts well, however then wastes time through a few slide phases and comes through in seventh place
It will be awaiting what jumps out in the end
It continues to lead Zermatt in front of Paris and Sander
Loïc Mallard (SUI): Loïc Mallard was close to his compatriot the other day
Can he or Matt need today?
Mallard is doing it like numerous professional athletes in front of him, and he leaves the essential section!
Raphael Hawser (AUT): It applies to the next Austrian
What can he get out of the course?
Hawser loses just minimally at the top, comes through the hard location tidy, but then a slide stage follows in the traverse, and he drives straight below to utilize the clean journey above
At the surface, there are 6th place
Ryan Cochran-Siegle (USA): Ryan Cochran-Siegle from the U.S.A. comes through, but loses a great deal of time towards Zermatt and with some mistakes and a rather passive journey, he gets eighth at the surface
Aleksander Almost Wilde (NOR): The big challenger of Aleksander Almost Wilde throws himself out of the beginning home
Can he put pressure on the previous leader?
Wilde takes a lead at the top, however it does not work if you don’t make it through this darn gate
Wilde is now fifth
What insane race!
Stefan Progestin (SUI): The next Swiss is already en route with Stefan Progestin
He is one of those that this tough key gate pulls the teeth!
He drives past and leaves
Marco Zermatt (SUI): Now it might be revealed what is really possible here
With Marco Zermatt it is now the turn of the huge preferred and for him the coach has actually put this difficult and tactical course
Can or Matt provide?
And how!
He goes complete on it, drives a narrow line in the essential point, simply captures the gate and then switches on really!
With a sovereign lead, it enters into the target area for Zermatt and the leading favorite takes the top!
Alexis Pinault (FRA): Alexis Pinault attempts to start the difficult course setting
He is the very first to survive the key curve well and can even capture up a bit towards Paris
It does not go!
After 0.34 seconds at the finish, he winds up in 4th place behind Sander and Kriechmayr
Gino Cavities (SUI): Before Gino Cavities there is the next interruption so that the slopes can be restored at this point, now it begins for the Swiss
You can be curious to see how he handles these locations
He needs to do above, postponed in front of the tough objective and likewise lost a lot in the upper section
After 1.60 seconds behind at the surface, it has to classify himself far behind, if Paris certainly hadn’t thought that he was lifting the front for so long after he was not pleased at all

James Crawford (CAN): 8 drivers and already the third failure!
James Crawford comes far too late to the difficult objective, where Baumann and Selected also left, and it raises him out
He winds up in the fence, however can raise himself once again
It crystallizes that the position will be definitive today!
Andreas Sander (Ger): The time of Paris continues!
Andreas Sander likewise can not begin the attack, although he better captures the bottom lines above
After 0.31 seconds, nevertheless, there are at least second location.