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Two Frames That Have The Internet Anxious To Know More

It is coming a year full of content of Star Wars.
Lucfilm continues to work on different products set in the galactic saga, which will begin to be broadct since the beginning of 2023. Two of the series that will debut in Disney+ are the new spin-offs of The Mandalorian, oka and Skeleton Crew.
Both have been seen briefly in a promotional video of the platform.
The filtered video is not the same that h finally been published on the social networks of Disney+.
It is striking of the Skeleton Crew footage h been omitted, especially when it comes to a video that aims to agglutinate the most powerful contents that are yet to come.
In any ce, the clip presents the character of Jude Law manipulating his hood, perhaps trying to go incognito.
The project h been defined a kind of Stranger Things in the Star Wars Universe, so a group of children will appear.

oka and Anakin, together again?

for Star Wars: oka, attendees were able to enjoy a first trailer in the 2022 celebration, which, although it w leaked, h never been issued officially in high quality.
The image of this video shows Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice, who plays Rosario Dawson again, taking off his hood.

oka recently reappeared in animation thanks to the chronic short films of the Jedi.
In the real action series, the old Jedi must travel the galaxy in search of the great Admiral Thrown, right hand of Emperor Palatine next to Darth Vader and the great Off Tarkin.


According to leaks, the world among worlds will allow us to see oka at various times of his life, even with Hayden Christensen (Anakin/Darth Vader).
What is the Star Wars calendar by 2023?
We started the warm year with the second seon of the La Bad Re mesa animation series, which will begin from January 4.
On March 1, The Mandalorian will return with his expected third seon, while 2023 will also be the year of Young Jedi Aventures-Child Animation Series set in the High Republic-and Star Wars: Visions 2. In addition, Skeleton Crew and oka follow
planned for this next year.