Netmarble Window Project Exhibition At Netmarble Headquarters Revealed

The Net marble Cultural Foundation (Chairman Bang Jun-hyuk) announced on the 19th that it will hold the 2022 Net marble window project exhibition at the Net marble headquarters.

The Net marble Window Project, which started in 2019, provides Net marble employees and the Net marble Cultural Foundation to provide creative culture and arts education that combines coding and cultural arts to children in Guru, and resolve the cultural polarization and positive cultural polarization of the underprivileged children.
It is a social contribution activity that provides the opportunity to cultivate emotions.

This year’s window project was targeted to 117 children in 12 local children’s centers in Guru, and from May to November, a maker class was made with the ideas of coding and other students through the dispatch of art instructors and 24 regular classes.

In this exhibition, 110 cultural and arts education works produced by children participating in the window project are displayed on the 3rd floor of G-Tower.


Closed) Anyone can freely watch free.

Lee Na-young, Secretary General of the Net marble Cultural Foundation, said, The Net marble window project has been supporting creative culture and arts education for 500 children in Guru, children’s center for the past four years, starting in 19 years.
The meaning is more special in terms of the progress, and we will continue to contribute to the expansion of creative and cultural education opportunities for local children in the future.

On the other hand, the Net marble Cultural Foundation, which was launched in 2018 to expand the value of healthy game culture, foster future creative talents, and spread the culture of sharing, is a variety of areas: ‘Culture’, ‘Raising Talent’, and ‘Sharing Mind’
He is also carrying out specialized social contribution activities.

More details about the Net marble Cultural Foundation can be found on the official website.