Stardew Valleys Physical Collectors Edition Revealed

Concerned about digital editions? Fear not! Star dew Valley will be releasing a physical collector’s edition! This article breaks down what you can expect from this release. Along with the game, you’ll get a map of Pelican Town and some other goodies.

The RPG Star dew Valley experience has been flourishing for 4 years and the title will get a physical trip later on this year for the Nintendo Change and the PC.


Two variations are readily available: basic Edition and Edition collector.
Star dew Valley The standard edition costs $29 for the PC and $34 for the switch, however the package only provided with a copy of the video game and a manual.

Edition Collector, on the other hand, is provided with an extra stack which should attract the fans of the franchise.
Edition Collector, which costs 64 USD for the PC and 69 USD for the Nintendo Change, is now specifically readily available in pre-order on Farmer.
Edition Collector for Star dew Valley consists of a copy of the game, a handbook, along with the following:
Star dew Valley Collector Box
Wood Standee of six pieces of birch and cherry wood
Wood pin
14 pages junior comic strip from Chirico Sakai, the artist before the farmer’s cartoon
Farm show golden information
Bonus offer 10 × 16 Star dew Valley Poster (readily available up until 08/15/2020).
Pre-order for Star dew Valley Edition Collector will be available from November 6.