Brazils World Cup jerseys are the hottest item

This year’s World Cup has been amazing so far, but just imagine if it was being held in Brazil! I mean, they’re going to be the home team and all – how much more exciting could it be?

with him and without him

Just the huge Pele has become 3 times world champion as a player, whose health of the football world is worried during the World Cup in Qatar.
While the now 82-year-old towered out in 1958 and 1970, he was involuntarily only one edge figure in the 1962 title defense.
In the best stage of his amazing career, the then 21-year-old still had a substantial impact on Mexico (2-0) with a template and a great solo objective, in the second group game versus Czechoslovakia (0: 0).
The aggressor injured himself so badly that the tournament was over for him.
The young Amarillo, who was nonetheless a year older than the extraordinary Conner, ended up being a Pele substitute.
In 4 games, the later Milan striker scored 3 goals, including the fast equalization in the last once again against Czechoslovakia (3: 1).
Pelé had long considering that ended up being a star visitor in the stands, similar to 4 years later on at the World Cup in England, where he was wild out of the competition.

A fiddling king pulls all the registers.

The positional Pele substitute was Amarillo, however the function of the world championship maker took control of the congenial partner of O REI, the best winger Garrick.
Actually, practically just on the wing as a fumbling king, the dribbler, which later on dilated alcohol, pulled all the stops at the World Cup in Chile.
The then 28-year-old all of a sudden appeared in the opposing half nearly everywhere, played unusually factual for his conditions, suddenly scored header goals or long-range fractures with both feet.
At the end of a competition defined by protective football and ugly firmness, Garrincha-Als was drawn to one of six players with four gateposts scored.
Hard to protect: Garrick (right).
Imago/Horst Fuller.

an exception for the intense area.

Beyond the looks of the Chilean selection, individuals in the Andean Republic only had limited interest for football 2 years after Maldivian’s disastrous earthquake.
The games of other teams were not especially well went to at the 1962 World Cup.
The appeal of the sometimes brutal video games may likewise have contributed, culminating in the Battle of Santiago, when Italy and host Chile exchanged punches, dives and other niceties.
A couple of years later, the overwhelmed referee of this game, the Englishman Ken Aston, came the concept with the yellow and red cards.
Since the exceptional Garrick was a ray of hope in all this distress, FIFA even allowed himself to be softened for a last usage of the ball magic-the exact same, in irritated by a variety of fouls, in the final phase of the semi-finals versus Chile, which had caused an assault that.
Brought him a dismissal.
Then even Brazil’s political management interfered, the Brazilian football association on the other hand argued with Barrancas, otherwise apparently incredibly fair habits.
In the spirit of football, FIFA finally gave both eyes and provided the player of the tournament permission to run up in the final-but he hardly contributed, drawn by a fever disease.

the third will be the first.

Pelé hurt, Garrick suffered and yet this Brazilian generation of gamers was so strong that it was able to compensate for such weakening relatively with confidence.
Amarillo met the very same, the same was for midfielder Tito and also on Eduardo Indio NATO, called Lava, was as soon as again left.
His objective for the 3-1 indicated the effective title and the last score defense.


Behind Pelé and Garrick, the strong center forward, who also ran for Atlético Madrid during these years, typically only played the third violin in the Brazilian exception, although he had a little less percentage of the excellent.
After his double pack in 1958 (5-2 versus Sweden), Lava ended up being the first gamer in 1962 to scored in a number of World Cup finals.
To date, just Pelé (1958 and 1970), Paul Crater (1974 and 1982) and Zinedine Zidane (1998 and 2006) followed.
And on Sunday also Antoine Riemann or Kylian Mbappé?
Tito (# 4) is the 2: 1 head, goalkeeper Schools (black jersey) has actually long been beaten.
Picture alliance/ DPA.

a last to forget.

William Schools, the Czechoslovak, was well deserved as the very best goalkeeper of the 1962 World Cup-in the incidentally also a particular Lew Jasmin.
But of all things in the final, in which his group kept well over long distances and had all the possibilities, the goalkeeper got a raven-black day.

With Amarillo compensation quickly after the lead of the outsider, Schools had actually been surprised in the short corner, he was incorrect in front of Tito’s header in the no man’s land in his five-meter space, and Lava let the ball fall off by the sun direct after a flank welfare in front of the sun’s.
This is likewise part of the history of the group who has actually handled to protect the World Cup as far as the last.
60 years back.