Sony Collaboration: The Callisto Protocol Creator Clarifies


The Callisto Protocol is a video game that has been interested in terms of controversies, since its launch he presented failures on platforms such as Xbox and also on PC via Steam.
For its part, in PlayStation consoles there were no inconveniences and that has led users to believe that Sony had to do, since they helped with development.
Given this, the director of the game, Glen Schofield, wanted to clarify to the followers the level of help that the company of Japan has given them through the Twitter platform.
Mentioning that they have only collaborated with movement capture issues, not much more, so parts in the gameplay and performance would not have touched them at all.
Here is your statement:

You cannot follow all the rumors online, but I have to clarify this: there are people from Sony in the credits because we work with them in the capture of movement for our kinematics.

They did not do any additional work in the game.
I hope that clarifies any confusion.
Remember that The Callisto Protocol is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: The thinking that a boycott has been made to the game on platforms that are not PlayStation just for having the company’s collaborators is quite low.
But well, at least there are already patches on all platforms.