Gran Turismo 7 Update Adds 5 New Cars, Patch Notes Revealed

Gran Tourism is one of the most popular racing games of all time and has a long history. Ever since the very first game was released in 1997, it has maintained a great number of fans across the world who are still waiting for the next installment in the series. While gamers have been eagerly anticipating a new release, developer Polyphony Digital has just announced that Gran Tourism 7 will be released on November 18.

The Ferrari Vision Grandma Tourism is the very first Ferrari single-seater concept car committed to the globe of online electric motor sporting activity, with an incredible and also futuristic layout established in the Prancing Steed’s unrivaled auto racing heritage, reviews component of the sneak peek of this new car. The Ferrari Vision Grandmother Tourism draws its motivation from the interesting world of Ferrari’s hugely effective 1960s and also ’70s sports-prototypes. Listed below hyper-modern bodywork as well as dramatic percentages, the vehicle conceals the DNA of work of arts such as the Ferrari 330 P3 as well as the 512 S. It is a nod to the past, yet a powerful tip of the future of endurance auto racing.

Gran Tourism 7’s brand-new upgrade is live now for players to download.

Adhering to an announcement of the next Grandma Tourism 7 update as well as a tease of what’s to come, designer Polyphony Digital launched the most recent details on the PlayStation game’s most recent update. Equally previous teases indicated, this update includes 5 brand-new cars including the Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism and also a lot more. A trailer was released along with this upgrade to display the new additions, also, and also the upgrade itself must currently be real-time for PlayStation customers to download and install.


Adhering to an announcement of the following Gran Tourism 7 update as well as a tease for what’s to come, programmer Polyphony Digital launched the latest details on the PlayStation video game’s latest update. Simply as past teases indicated, this upgrade adds five new automobiles including the Ferrari Vision Grandmother Tourism and a lot more. A trailer was launched together with this update to reveal off the new additions, as well, as well as the upgrade itself must now be live for PlayStation individuals to download.

Though this upgrade does technically feature a collection of spot notes, the only genuine modifications to speak of are the addition of the five brand-new cars and trucks as well as one addition to the game’s Areas include. The five brand-new cars and trucks concerned are the previously mentioned Ferrari Vision Grandmother Tourism, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Guam ’20, the Bugatti Chiron ’16, the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray ’20, and the Toyota Celia GT-FOUR Rally Automobile (ST205) ’95. When it comes to the Rooms transform, Polyphony claimed that Norway will currently be a highlighted curation in that Rooms include.

The Ferrari Vision Grandmother Tourism will certainly be probable at Brand Central from December 23, the notes for today’s upgrade discussed. Players that appropriately answered the Day 4 question of the Globe Finals ‘Viewers Present’ campaign will get early accessibility from December 15.

The brand-new Ferrari, nonetheless, will certainly not be purchasable until December 23rd, though there are some that will certainly be able to take it for a spin earlier than that.

This Ferrari is the emphasis of the upgrade and is one that lots of people presumed would certainly be added based upon the silhouette of the car teased previously. A post on the PlayStation Blog shared much more details on the automobile for those not aware.