The First Reactions Of The Last Of Us Are Already Here

The last of us series is one of the most anticipated productions of 2023. Although there is still some time to see the adaptation by HBO, it seems that some people already had the opportunity to see the first episodes.
Thus, The last of us’s first reactions are now available.
Through his Twitter account, Roxana Hawaii, television critic in Vulture, shared a tweet where he revealed his first reactions of The last of us, and it seems that the result is positive.
This was what he commented:

The last of us took five minutes to conquer me completely.

Extremely strong energy of Blade II.
I am laughing out loud with delight and overwhelmed by emotional turbulence!
It is important to mention that the first tweet was eliminated, indicating that his first opinions came out early.
Along with this, for the moment there are no more initial reactions available.
Although his relationship with blade ii is something confusing, it seems that Hawaii has good news for everyone.

The last of us series will arrive in hbo on january 15, 2023. In related issues, artificial intelligence creates the story of The last of us Part III.
Similarly, there is already a release date for The last of us Part I on PC.
Editor’s note:
As expected, The last of us seems to be a success.


While Hawaii’s statements are somewhat confusing, they paint a positive image that many will surely replicate once this production is available next year.