Annisongs Big Brother, Mazinga Z. Singer Mizuki Ichiro, Passed Away

Singer Mizuki Cairo, who is called Anniston’s big brother, died on the 6th.

Mizuki Cairo’s agency, Yellow bird, said on the 12th that Mizuki Cairo died at the age of 74 on the 6th.
Mizuki Cairo found lung cancer in April last year and has been fighting for a year and seven months, but he died in the hospital emergency room.

Mizuki Cairo, who started his life as a Japanese song, released an album, but he did not achieve satisfactory results and wanted to continue his new career as a composer.
However, in 1971, he sang the theme song through the primitive boy BYU, and then hit various songs such as Malinger Z, Babel II, Karen Rider X, and Great Malinger.
In particular, Malinger Z’s theme songs were sold, and 700,000 copies were sold, and Mizuki Cairo’s universe Captain Hark’s album, which Mizuki Cairo sang all the opening and endings, was also sold in the first round of 150,000 copies.

Since then, Mizuki Cairo, who has been active, has been called the king of animation songs along with the nickname Anika (brother).
In particular, he led the formation of the project group, the Jam Project, and continued to make a new challenge as a master.
He also produced tremendous energy through the project of ’24 hours 1000 songs’ and held a jam project and a performance in Korea.

He also brought a variety of theme songs, and he has also made a deep relationship with the game.
Every time a new work in the Super Robot Wars is released, it is well known for seeing how many songs they have and posting SNS articles that are pleased.
Zelda’s legendary Breath of the Wild also posted a lot of guardians and posted loot on SNS.

Meanwhile, he continued to work with the goal of ‘lifetime active duty’ and did not let go of the microphone even in the midst of inconvenience.
Last year’s 30th anniversary of the series, Super Robot Daemon Steel Support Province, also requested live in the vocal dysfunction and completed the song.
In addition, until November this year, he took a wheelchair and participated in Arising Days to continue his music activities.