5 Reasons To Be Excited About The Console Version Of Company of Heroes 3

After years of anticipation, Company of Heroes 3 is finally set to release on June 25th. The third iteration of the classic real-time strategy game features many new features and gameplay elements, with a focus on co-op play. However, some might still be wondering whether this release also includes a console version. Well, wonder no more!

Relic Home Entertainment, Inc. and Sega Europe Limited are delighted to reveal that Business of Heroes 3, the highly anticipated third part of the popular technique franchise, will be launched in 2023 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.
For the very first time, Antique Home entertainment brings the tactical gameplay celebrated by criticism to the consoles and allows techniques all over the world to experience the best game in the history of the series.

Have a look at the announcement trailer for Company of Heroes 3-Console Edition here again:
Relic Entertainment is pleased to give fans a very first take a look at the console gameplay by presenting an essential mission from the vibrant Italian campaign and demonstrating a powerful new feature: the full tactical break.
The gamers will be pleased to learn that Company of Heroes 3 has actually been established from scratch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X and contains a freshly designed controller scheme that allows maximum precision on the battleground.
The interface is likewise totally revised, where the user-friendly plan of the buttons and readability is taken into consideration in order to enable the supreme technique experience on consoles.
Company of Heroes 3 brings the familiar boot-on-floor story of the series into the Mediterranean, a scene with tremendous surrounding range of surroundings, where the players unlock authentic new methods, experience 4 various fractions and a wealth of undeterred stories from The second world war
can experience.
Check out the new round-based, dynamic project card in Italy for a video gaming experience in the sandpit design and an unprecedented degree of tactical choice, or go into the substantial deserts of North Africa for a more timeless, narrative individual gamer experience.


Company of Heroes 3 is scheduled to appear on Steam on February 23, 2023, the console versions will follow later on in 2023.