LOL: A forgotten champion returns strongly to the goal of Support


Forgotten, obsolete, nobody will choose me! That was the sad song that Tarapacá Son, with the melody of a well-known song by Disney (track: there is a queen and snow). However, the virtuous harp is returning triumphally to the League of Legends server, to the point that it has been placed among the eight champions with the best percentage of victories in all ranges, and among the first three in Platinum ELO and superior. And the most curious thing is that your kit has barely changed

Small change, great consequences?

The best SOUND current construction remains the same, except for a change in a key object. To do this, it is necessary to start with the object of Apport of AP to Hockey, then go for the tear of the goddess, the boots of lucidity, before buying the mythical, the sure see.

Except tear, which was not a Core item before, the first construction, as we said, is the same. The objective is to take advantage of the manna as the Sustain that provides you with the object to be able to spam spells during the Team fights. As for the tear, it allows sound to keep the distance in the lower lane after the exchanges.

The rest of the itemization is the same as for the other AP supports or that they have healing, such as the burning censer, the flow of flowing water or even the Mikael Mel pot depending on the composition of the opposing team. If not necessary, the purifier or redemption perfectly complete the construction. As for spells, there is not much to tell. We stay in the classic Son support, where you have to maximize the Q and then the w

What are the possible Counters of Donna?

One of the keys to play Son is that it is very difficult to counteract it with a traditional capon. Senna and Soraya have a skills’ kit that can have a balanced match. The main objective to end your life is to get it completely before starting group fights, since its priests and CC can be key to the rival victory. Several of these champions are Malachite and Aliyah.

As far as ADC is concerned, few of the traditional ones can have a comfortable line against it. More unusual champions are needed such as watching and Swain to put Son in trouble. Another very popular champion in the Bot Lane at this time, Nil ah, can work quite well. In addition, it mitigates damage to one of its skills, so it is extremely uncomfortable to play online