Call of duty

Warzone 2: How to make a lot of money in the game and why shouldnt you do that?

It is common for games recently released to contain bugs and failures and Call of Duty: War zone 2.0, the latest title in Infinity Ward, is no exception to the rule, except that the last bug can be very useful for your players: allows you to win a lot of money. Of course this is an exploit bug and can generate punishments for those who practice it.

Become very rich in War zone 2.0

Firstly, it is important to know that exploitation of failures and bugs can have very serious consequences for you as a player. Activision usually makes arrangements against Chairs, but the studio doesn’t like players who abuse faults of all kinds either and does not hesitate to ban accounts.

But then, what extraordinary bug is this? In DMZ mode and the classic Battlerroyale, Judo found that he could make a lot of money in a short time, and in a way that at first glance was quite normal.

As showed by the images published on Twitter, while we see Judo collecting money on the floor and even next to a gun, the player puts his hands on the tidy $1.3 million.

From what he says, it seems that this is the maximum sum we can get in DMZ, and although he has not tested this bug in classic mode, it seems that it also works, according to the comments below its publication.

In addition to recovering all this money, the bug allows you to ride two weapons at its maximum level in a single game. With all this money, just buy many ammunition boxes. This will increase the XP of the weapon, and over a million, there is enough to do everything quickly.


Correction in a next patch?

Given the response capacity of the developers, this failure should be corrected soon. In addition, there are still several problems that need to be corrected, such as voice chat that bogies a lot, chat of proximity, stability of the server that remains very horrible and certain loot items that feature bugs.