Marvel Snap: The perfect deck to snort your cards has Spectrum as the protagonist

Although the change of season has left this Marvel Snap deck out of the goal, the truth is that playing with Spectrum as a great repulsive is still as fun and effective as a few weeks ago, which makes it an ideal deck of beginners for whom you follow climbing positions.

Next we explain what letters to choose and how to use this Marvel Snap Spectrum deck to take advantage of continuous mechanics and make the enemy look little by little how it runs out of options during the last three shifts.

The best Spectrum deck

The first shifts are easy, we must simply dedicate ourselves to placing and protecting as many letters as possible, all with continued skills, trying to create a balance of force that does not leave us without a score balance that can be dangerous in the long run.

They are letters that are played alone like Ant-Man or colossus and do not need too much explanation. Try to take advantage of Wolfs bane based on how you see your hand and always keep a hole to Mister Fantastic in those positions in which it seems more difficult to score because of the ability of said location.


From turn 4, Kazan falls for the bought of small cards, Blue Marvel for the buff of the rest of the cards and, finally, a last push for Spectrum to finish bursting the table causing the numbers to take off again.

In the case of not finding any of these three cards in your hand during those last shifts, play and place the remaining trying to leave holes in case you end up being lucky. We hope you find it useful.

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