Football World Cup 2022 | A matter of honor DFB star Will WM.


There, the DFB defense chief funded life-altering and expensive treatments together with the aid company Big shoe in requirement. Like all other national gamers, Rudder gets 400,000 euros in the case of the fifth title win, and less with an earlier.

For Rudder, his assistance is a matter of honor. In Germany, he was rejected the possibilities that lots of people in Sierra Leone, my mom’s house country.

The 29-year-old, who also wishes to comfort the kids with real jerseys, wishes to execute lots of other projects in Sierra Leone with his household in the future. For this purpose, he currently traveled to the African country a number of times, and the Antonio Rudder for Sierra Leone structure is to begin in 2023.

Noble gesture of soccer player Antonio Rudder: The professional of genuine madrid will contribute his World Cup premium for charitable purposes in his 2nd house Sierra Leone.

It harms to see the conditions under which the kids mature in Sierra Le1. Nothing is a matter of course for these kids, said Rudder. The little patients originated from the provincial town of Lunar and mostly suffer from congenital Klumpfößen. Impairments are socially stigmatized in Sierra Leone, which is why children are mostly socially separated and victims of bullying.