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To use God of War Ragnarok best sign

God of War Ragnarök extends the arsenal of the game by a number of new shields that you can equip and offer the different play styles and skills, depending on whether you want to sit or parry behind a sign. So it can be difficult to find out which is the best. But don’t worry after we played around with you, we got on the Best sign in God of War Ragnarök .

Each sign offers its own ability to block or parry attacks; So you really have to find out how to play God of War Ragnarök and use the new weapons in the game to get a feeling for which sign is suitable for you.

God of War Ragnarök Best sign

The the best sign in God of War Ragnarök is the stone wall sign or the guardian sign . These two shields are the best of the five, depending on whether they prefer a traditional Parker game style or one who focuses on consistent blocks.

The Guardian Shield is our choice for a sign that focuses on parrying or occasional blocks. This is the original sign from God of War from 2018, and it is still much better than the new offer, the Dauntless Shield. While this offers more effective parades, the window for parrying is extremely narrow and the payment is not worth. So it is best to stay with the tried and tested Guardian Shield.

Then the stone wall shield is our option when looking for a sign that offers better blocks and a skill that is not about parrying. The shield strike absorbs damage that you block and turn this damage into an explosion when you tap the L1 button twice. This makes enemies fly and enables them to either recover or concentrate on another goal and ensure that they are not swarmed.


With the best sign in God of War Ragnarök in your hand, you can start exploring the different empires in the game and facing the tougher final activities and missions or quests. Further information on the game, including other combat tips, can be found in our exemplary approach for God of War Ragnarök.