Hogwarts Legacy: When and where to see the new gameplay of the game

While fans expect the next news in the form of information about hogwarts legacy, Twitter’s official account has just announced that there will be an exclusive live will be broadcast live this Friday at 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time. The expectation is still increasing, and that is that Harry Potter’s role game will be available in 3 months, specifically on February 10, 2023.

Where, when and how to see the Hogwarts Legacy game?

The really important thing is that this direct will be a live broadcast of the developers themselves: Avalanche Software.

When : Friday, November 11, 2022
Time of Home : 19:00 Spanish peninsular time
Duration : It is not known, but it could be about 20 minutes
Transmission : either on the official Avalanche Twitch channel or on the game’s YouTube channel
The transmission will be only in English, and could have subtitles.

What can we expect from this gameplay?


This gameplay will be broadcast live with several members of the development team that can comment on what is happening in Hogwarts Legacy. The presenters will be:

  • Chandler Wood: Community manager of the game,
  • TOGO: a renowned YouTuber in the game,
  • Alan Too: game director
  • Boston Madsen: Senior artist of the game environment.

Spectators can ask questions and developers show us unpublished images of the game. In order not to do the classic game spoilers, it is very possible that they only show us the beginning of the game with some mechanics that we already know as the elaboration of potions.

Warner Bros simplifies this information, and comments what we can see during these starting minutes:

A quick tour of Hogwarts ,
The creation complete of a character,
The first preview of the IU (user interface),
Introduction to the combat system .