Iem Rio Major: With Furia X Navi, playoff clashes are defined; See dates and schedules

IEM Rio Major 2022 playoff clashes are defined, the first CS: GO of history made in azil. With the conclusion of Legends Stage, which had Moue, NATU Sincere and Team Spirit filling the remaining three vacancies for Champions Stage, ESL revealed the dates, schedules and key to the final phase of the Rio Major.

Curia, the only azilian team in the competition, will have a difficult confrontation with Navy in the quarterfinals. The duel between the panthers and the Simple team takes place on Friday, November 11, at 5:30 pm asília time.

In addition to the duel between Curia and Navy, three other clashes move the quarterfinals of IEM Rio Major. On Thursday, November 10, at 2 pm, the duel between outsiders and Fanatic takes place. Also on Thursday, but at 5:30 pm, Cloud9 and Moue face a place in the quarterfinals. Already on Friday (11), at 14h00, Heroic and Team Spirit measure strength before the duel between Curia and Navy.

Regarding crossings for the semifinals, the winner of Outsiders x Fanatic faces the winner of Cloud9 x Moue. On the other side of the key, who gets the best in the confrontation between Heroic and Team Spirit faces the team that passes the clash between Curia and Navy.

Playoffs from IEM Rio Major

Thursday (10/11), Wednesdays of Final Confronts MD3

  • Game 1: 14h00-outsiders x Fanatic
  • Game 2: 17h30-Cloud9 x Moue

Friday (11/11), Wednesdays of Final Confronts MD3

  • Game 3: 14h00-Heroic x Team Spirit
  • Game 4: 5:30 pm

Saturday (12/11), semifinals-confrontos MD3

14h00-A Define
17h30-A Define

Sunday (13/11), Grande Final-Confronto MD3

  • 15h00-A Define