PS5 is not in stores and there is already talk of a slim version

This Christm will play tightening your belt and start saving. Because according to the latest insiders and leakers leaks, in addition to PlayStation VR 2 (already with definitive price and departure date), In 2023 a PS5 Slim will also be launched. According to several sources collected by Forbes, Sony h been looking for time to reduce the size and weight of the console , which is why it already completely redesigned the interior of the current ones a few months ago, we collected in this house.

The new model, known for now d chsis , would not go on sale with any special name. No Slim or Pro . It would be launched directly a standard PlayStation 5 and would replace all current . The documentation managed by the Forbes sources indicates that it will begin to occur in April 2023 and will reach stores around September . In turn, the existing versions today in stores would cee its production in October and would disappear in November.

The changes of the new PS5

Among the novelties that these new PS5 will incorporate, they will need less voltage, they will heat up less and have a removable hard drive (and therefore eily interchangeable). At the design level also highlights the intention of to free users of the cumbersome support with which they are currently coming. This version will not cost anymore, but you must not forget that Sony uploaded 50 euros the price of PlayStation 5 a couple of months ago. The latter decision that seems to be better understood with such a chsis change on the horizon.

For offering some more context, PlayStation 4 went on sale on November 29, 2013, receiving a Slim version on September 15, 2016 ( almost three years later ). To confirm the new PS5, Sony would have followed the same deadlines (2020-2023), although in this ce the company seems to have any intention of to incree the graphic power of the machine. For now, PS5 Pro will have to wait .