How to easily get the achievement ‘ghost in training’ in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty campaign: Modern Warfare 2 presents many unique game changes in the main formula, creating many memorable moments. A particular mission, the nameless makes you sneak through the enemy territory as a ghost at night. Speaking of ghosts, the nameless has an achievement related to the ghost. It is easier than you think, so here you have everything you need to know about Get the achievement Ghost in Training in MW2 as easily as possible.

The next part will feature spoilers, since it will discuss what happens in the nameless. If you have not played and completed this mission, come back when you do.

Obtain the trophy/achievement Ghost in Training easily

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The eleventh mission in COD: MW2’s campaign finds SOAP and Alejandro in enemy territory while the duo seeks to discover who the weapon trafficker is, the nameless. After an interrogation of Valeria, Soap is escorted upstairs and has the task of reaching the attic, by any necessary means, to meet the villain.

The attachment attached to this mission, ghost in training, requires that you reach the attic without alerting and killing anyone . While it seems complex, if you ruin your stealthy game of this mission, It is allowed to recharge the control point and still achieve achievement. This is the easiest way to achieve it:

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  • Once Alejandro allows you to run freely, keep straight until you see the back door of the complex to your left.
  • Enter the door, go directly to the wall with the grass, climb the wall and cover the open window.
  • This is the easiest way to reach the second floor without problems. This also ignores the guard that blocks access to the second floor in front of the stairs.
  • Once at the top of the stairs on the second floor, be sure to look down and collect the bottle from the floor. (Trust me, you will need it later).

  • Go through the little illuminated hall and turn right in the first room with the closed door.

  • Just a fair warning, be sure to open the door, not hit it.

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  • Go through the window and, after contemplating the cinematographic view of the hills, on your right you will see a ladder that leads directly to the roof of the enclosure.
  • Once on the roof, go directly to the chairs with bottles and collect a bottle.
  • There are three enemies patrolling the roof, so be careful to avoid detecting you while you are here.
    After completing the previous step, Be sure to hug the Parabola by its side since a sniper will pass directly in front of you.

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  • Once the sniper passes you, move to the edge of the ceiling. There will be a low wall, which is actually a grill station, in front of you, behind which you must hide to continue.
  • As you advance towards that wall, there will be a guard directly to your right. The visibility of the enemy is not as good as you think, so be sure to move quickly to prevent you from detecting you completely, which will force you to restart the control point.

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  • While heading to the station/wall of the grill, look back and throw two bottles to the blue chair of the patio. The guard that is on your right will approach to inspect the noise you made.

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  • Once the guard moves to investigate, go directly to the space he was blocking. There will be a staircase on the rear wall that you must climb to reach the top of the complex.
  • Once up, Alejandro will be conveniently there to regroup with you. Be sure to bend down while you are at the top, since in my game, the sniper turned around and saw me.

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  • Once the staircase rises, the achievement will be granted once the next part of the mission is completed, which is simple.


That is all you need to know about How to easily achieve ghost in training in Modern Warfare 2 . We have a lot of content related to the campaign to help you navigate your story. Look how many missions are in the campaign, all the multiplayer rewards you get to complete the campaign, or look at the weekend of historical launch that MW2 experienced.

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