Dortmund conquered Copenhagen late and stands in the play

The Copenhagen were the dominant group in the initial 15 minutes. After Foothold was sent steeply by Jorgensen, he ended as well centrally to make sure that Ostrzinski might react as well as stopped the lead for the Danes (third). Simply three mins later on, Sarah just forgot a cross on the lengthy message of Jorgensen and also missed the following wonderful possibility to attain the very early lead (6th). The BVB can not take a deep breath and was lucky in the ninth minute that Sarah can not use a cross that sailed through the whole Dortmund penalty location.

Kickoff has the Grow Possibility Sarah puts a penalty to the lightweight aluminum


The Dortmund children maintained after around 15 mins as well as relaxed the video game a little. Since Aging obstructed a cross by hand, there was a penalty for the Danes. Sarah took the matter and slammed the sphere massively on the left post (44. ).

Brunner retrieved BVB late

Cross two started with a big chance for BVB: after a Samba solo, the 18-year-old pulled the ball alarmingly on the Copenhagen goal, so that Dither can simply guide the round on the best article (47. ). Absolutely nothing took place for a lengthy time till Kickoff brought a cross from the left fifty percent field on Brunner’s head in the 87th min, that pest the ball with an arch lamp over Copenhagen’s goalkeeper Dither and had BVB supported.

Nothing happened for a lengthy time until Kickoff brought a cross from the left fifty percent area on Brunner’s head in the 87th minute, who is a insect the sphere with an arch light over Copenhagen’s goalkeeper Dither as well as had BVB supported.

Just 3 mins later, Sarah simply ignored a cross on the long message of Jorgensen and missed the following terrific opportunity to attain the early lead (Sixth). The BVB might not take a deep breath and was fortunate in the nine min that Sarah might not use a cross that cruised via the entire Dortmund penalty location.

In an open video game, the Dortmund were once more the much more reliable team and compensated themselves with the late objective. The BVB passes the Copenhagen 1-0 win with the slim 1-0 win as well as remains in the play-offs of the Youth Organization.