How to reduce shame in Victoria 3

The dishonor is perhaps the most annoying game mechanics that Victoria 3 inherited from Victoria 2. It is difficult for many players to cope with her, since it prevents them from quickly and aggressively expanding their nation, mainly due to relatively larger diplomatic games.

The main task of this mechanism is to maintain the balance of forces of all countries of the world. As a result, any player who decides to take more strength and break the balance suffers.

You start a game with a zero bad reputation in your statistics, and the game tells you to support your country’s reputation, that is, playing well. You can check your Infamy level on the Information page, which can be opened by pressing the country’s flag in the upper right corner.

Later, when you begin to expand your country and conduct more and more aggressive diplomatic games, the level of Infamy may increase.


How to prevent a shame in Victoria 3

Initially, in the game you will have a zero bad reputation, but as you continue to expand your nation and conduct aggressive diplomatic games, your level of bad reputation will increase, which determines the degree in which you are angry with other nations. As a result, it can become more difficult to conclude alliances with other countries.

Each diplomatic game will have some influence on the level of dishonor, which can be seen in the menu before the start of the game. If it increases high enough, it will force other countries to be afraid of you and can lead to indirect diplomatic consequences.

As soon as your Infamy level reaches 100, you will be classified as Paris, which will lead to serious diplomatic actions against you from more powerful countries. This will be done to keep you in its place, and this may even lead to a full-scale world war, if necessary.

In the case of a small nation that makes these adverse actions, there may not be a world war, but the corresponding strategic region will oppose them.

Unfortunately, there are not many ways to reduce dishonor-it can mainly be prevented. The first step that needs to be taken is to avoid any diplomatic games that greatly affect the levels of dishonor. You can’t do anything to reduce the existing high dishonor, except to wait for it-and this process is very slow.

If something does not settle, and dishonor will exceed such a point that now you will encounter the threat of disappearance from the face of the earth, you may have to resort to the use of cheats in order to save yourself.