Secret Lab X Riot Games: Valorant Gaming Chair and Accessories Launch

Gaming Chairs, who has a water-winning experience, has launched the Valorant Collection. The collection, which was released in line with the hot heat of the episode 5 Act 3 and the Valorant Champions Tour, is the first official Valorant License product. Designed with Valorant’s signature colors and symbolic elements that are familiar to fans, Secret Lab X Valorant products are expected to be enthusiastic for fans.

Each chair comes with a Secret lab Riot Fist HR guns accessories, which can be inserted into the side of the chair. Secret Lab Valorant Edition Chair made a reality with a rare Riot fist firearms that fans around the world are modeled on the game.

Secret Lab Valorant Edition Gaming Chair is the main color of the classic navy blue and Valorant. The signature logo is embroidered on the backrest, and the side wing is engraved with the role of each agent. The game’s signature tag line, Defy the Limits, is drawn on the back of the chair in 10 different languages. Users armed with ergonomic features of Titan EVE 2022 can now show a sharp aim in the last act of Episode 5.

Designed with chairs and pairs, the Secret Lab memory foam Rumba Pillow Valorant Edition is designed using the signature color and element of the Valorant and provides cloud-like comfort and support.

The Secret Lab Valorant Collection also has a desk mat and cable bundle that can be used in the Secret Lab Magnus desk as well as gaming chairs and pillows. However, desk products are not currently available in Korea and will be released soon.

Secret Lab is an angle with Riot Games, from League of Legends World Championships and major regional leagues to music such as K/DA’s ‘All Out’, and in-game events such as ‘Star Guardian’ and ‘Fall King’. We commemorated the main event. Secret Lab, a gaming chair that expands to Valorant, is receiving fans’ expectations in collaboration.