Silent Hill series SILENT HILL: TOWNFALL Announcement -What is reflected in the video …?

On October 20, INAMI Digital Entertainment announced Silent Hill: Downfall on the distribution program Silent Hill Transmission .

In addition to INAMI, in addition to INAMI, there are Annapurna Interactive, which has been published with the stray cat ADV STRAY, and No Code Studios, known for the horror ADV Stories Untold. Suddenly, the trailer was announced, but the compatible platform, release date, etc. seem to be undecided.


After the trailer, there is a commentary video of NO CODE STUDIOS director Jon McClellan, and he talks about his fans of the Silent Hill series and his thoughts on being involved in this work.

In the video, there are also meaningful comments, such as publishing new images in the new year and There are new discoveries ** every time you look back at the video of the trailer.

Silent Hill: Downfall is undecided in both the release time and the platform. Please wait for the future report.