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How to get a manderium meteorite in ffxiv

The MMO Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of content that can be enjoyed in the game, and it is constantly added. This includes various materials, such as Meteorite Mannerism. Since this is necessary to create a Mandeville weapon, you may be interested in how to get a mannerism meteorite in the Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get pieces of a wandering meteorite in Final Fantasy XIV

The only way to get the ingredients of Mannerism Meteorite is to talk to the seller. Dzhubrunnah . Its exact location can be found by going into Radz-on-hand Ethernet Plaza according to the coordinates X: 12.1, Y: 10.9. You can purchase them from this NPC for 500 astronomical monuments of Allan which can be obtained by passing the dungeons, paths and raids of the 90th level.

To get Mandeville’s weapons, you need three pieces of a wandering meteorite, which means that you should collect 1,500 Al-Hasan Tombstones of Astronomy. Most likely, you will need some time to collect all the necessary currency, therefore, as soon as you do this, make sure that you have chosen the weapon of Mandeville, which you use most often.

The best way to get Allan Tombstones of Astronomy is to unite with friends and go through the most complex dungeons at your level. Working together, you can quickly go through the dungeon and collect this material. We recommend buying only the Mandeville weapon that you use and not try to get them all, as it will take a considerable time.

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