The best assembly of Phantasma Prime in Warframe (2022)

Phantasma Prime is one of the most powerful shotgun in Warframe. This is a primary version of the Phantasma radiation shotgun, and it boasts improved characteristics compared to the standard version. Possessing radiation damage, as well as an increased chance of a critical blow, bonus multipliers of a critical blow and an increased store capacity, this shotgun can melt enemies in seconds and can be especially effective against opponents Greener. However, in order to reveal its true potential, it is necessary to establish the correct modifications. In this leadership, we will consider the best possible assembly of fantasy prime in Warframe.

Best Fashion for Fantasy Prime in Warframe

Phantasma Prime is a radiation shotgun with high characteristics of multiple shots, which can deliver ammunition with high accuracy. However, its only drawback is the limited maximum ammunition, which can be an obstacle due to high rate of fire. Therefore, when choosing mods for Phantasma Prime, our main attention should be focused on softening its restrictions in terms of ammunition and increasing its status effects of operation. Below are the best mods for use on Phantasma Prime in Warframe.

Mutation of ammunition for a shotgun (Exiles) *: transforms the selected supply of ammunition into 50% of the selected ammunition.
galvanized Savvy: +80% to the chance of status during murder, +40% increase in direct damage for each effect of status on the target. (Stalls up to 2x)
galvanized hell : +110% multifaceting during murder, +30% multifaceted for 20 seconds. (Stalls up to 4x)
* toxic volley : +60% toxin, +60% Chance of status

Cold explosion *: +60% cold, +60% Chance of status
Primulated cleansing Greener / Primed Cleanse damaged: +55% to damage GRI NIR / SOUNDING
Inflated charged shell : +165% electricity
Contusion shock *: +60% of electricity, +60% Chance of status
Blaine : +60% damage, +60% heat
Primary impasse (magical strengthening) : +120% damage for 24 seconds when killing with an accurate shot to the head. (Stalls up to 3x)

This assembly requires three forms to correspond to the maximum capacity of the mod. Due to the possibility of triggering shock, radiation, thermal and viral damage, status effects are the key destructive element of Phantasma Prime. In addition, an increase in the characterization of the salvo inherently increases both the damage from the beam and the probability of the status effect. Finally, in order to maintain the flexibility of the build, you can change the modification of the fraction (Primed Cleanse Grinder / Corrupted) to the Vigilante Armaments to improve the multi-size and critical blows from your main weapons.

How to get a fantasy prime in Warframe

Fantasy Prime is one of the defendant’s branded weapons in Warframe, along with Tate Prime. In the hands of the Revenant, he receives an additional container of the store. However, if you want to master the power of this formidable radiation shotgun, you will need to collect the drawings of its components. The below lists the relics containing the drawings of the phantasm of the prime:

Drawing of fantasies Prime *-ANSI N9 (unusual)
Fantasy Prime Stock -Lit P6 (rare)
Fantasy Prime -ME K4 (general)
* Fantasy Prime trunk -ME P10 (rare)

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